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Most of the photography done by Lifetouch is at the school level, where our photographers interact with young people. Therefore, we maintain a rigorous standard of background checking.

We Care Enough to Check

The Lifetouch “We Care Enough to Check” program requires each new field employee to pass an extensive background check, which is conducted through Accurate Background, Inc.  This check includes:

  • A search of criminal records in all counties across the United States where the individual lived during the previous seven years or additional addresses found through the social security number trace

  • A search of sex offender registries in states where available

  • A driving record search

In addition, Lifetouch complies with all state- and locally required screenings of employees and contractors working in your school.

Background Checks

Successful background screening requires reliable and consistent business processes. We require every potential employee to pass a criminal background check prior to being hired. Lifetouch will not hire someone if – during the past 7 years – any one of the following criteria shows up on the criminal report:

  • Homicide

  • Sex crimes of any nature

  • Misconduct of any kind involving children

  • Kidnapping

  • Violence (assault/battery)

  • Weapons

  • Drug trafficking/sales

  • Felony-theft including identity theft; no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions of any type

Lifetouch also conducts a motor vehicle background check. We will not hire a photographer if:

  • Their license is suspended, revoked, or expired;

  • They have any convictions of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other impairment

  • If they have any citations, convictions for reckless driving, more than three convictions for driving violations, or more than two chargeable (at fault) accidents.

We also require proof of automobile insurance (liability & collisions).

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