How to Master the Hooding Ceremony

The Hooding Ceremony is a special recognition ceremony for master’s or doctoral degree candidates. Lifetouch will work with your school to make sure everyone is aware of the expected practices and procedures during the ceremony. We understand that your school’s graduates are about to attain their highest academic achievement. Lifetouch demonstrates the utmost respect for this achievement and all traditions involved. We are excited to collaborate with the hooders and the graduates to ensure the best possible photos of this occasion.

Making for a Picture Perfect Moment

Hooding ceremonies can be simple but not necessarily smooth . Since the nature of the ceremony involves placing the hood over a graduate’s head, a substantial difference in height between the hooder and the graduate can potentially create an awkward moment on stage for the graduate and a great deal of pressure for the hooder. A possible solution for this issue is for the hooder to use a step stool during the ceremony. The many advantages to adding a step stool to the ceremony include:

• The graduates will not have to squat as they receive the honor.

• The hooders will not have to be concerned about their reach

• The photographer will be able to capture the moment of both the graduate and hooders faces

• The hoods will have a better chance of being laid correctly, cutting down time on this portion of the ceremony.

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