Capturing the Entire Ceremony

The commencement ceremony is an important rite of passage, marking the end of one stage and the beginning of another. While it serves to recognize graduates for their hard work and achievement, the ceremony also gives recognition to those who have supported the graduate and have made this achievement possible. It is an exciting time for your school, graduates, and families. Although the commencement and the moments surrounding it are fleeting, the memories may be preserved for years to come. Therefore, capturing these special moments is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Lifetouch will take photographs of the venue, the graduates and staff getting ready, and all of the details necessary for telling the story of your institution’s commencement. Our photographers capture commencement day from start to finish, so full attention can be on the graduates. It is our promise to provide beautiful images in an unobtrusive manner and to maintain respect for your ceremony.

Candid Commencement Photographs

In addition to the photographs for graduates, Lifetouch will capture hundreds of candid images before, during, and after the ceremony for our clients. These will include images of:

  • The ceremony itself

  • Guest speakers

  • Dignitaries

  • Honorary degree recipients

  • Faculty and staff

  • Graduates with their families and/or fellow classmates

All of these photos will be taken at no cost to our clients.

Complimentary Images

Lifetouch takes hundreds of photographs during each ceremony. Shortly after the commencement ceremony, we provide a web link of all PR-style images to the main coordinator of each ceremony. We also compile these images into a beautiful keepsake book commemorating the event. Clients may print these images, request Lifetouch to print them, use images on its website to promote the commencement, or distribute them to platform party members. As our client, you may order as many of these images as desired and may distribute them as necessary for the promotion of your institution.

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